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Multibagger Stock: Dinner set company filled the bag, made a millionaire with an investment of Rs 18,000 only

Multibagger Stock: If money is invested in a fundamentally strong stock, it can make investors millionaires in less money. One such stock is that of La Opala RG, a leading company that manufactures dinner sets. Its shares have made investors millionaires with an investment of just Rs 18,000. Today, on December 13, its shares have closed at a price of Rs 424.40 (La Opala RG Share Price) with a fall of just 15 paise. Its market cap is Rs 4,710.84 crore.

Made a millionaire only on the investment of 18 thousand

Shares of La Opala RG were available on December 12, 2002 at just 75 paise (La Opala RG Share Price). Now it has increased 566 times to close at Rs 424.40 today. This means that the investment of only Rs 18,000 in it at that time has become a huge capital of Rs 1.01 crore at this time. It is not that this company has grown investors' capital wildly in the long run, but it has also given excellent returns in short time frames.

This year on May 25, 2022, its shares were at a price of Rs 241.95, which is a record low of 52 weeks. After this, the purchase of shares of the company increased and till now it has recovered 75 percent, that is, in just seven months, the capital of the investors has increased by 75 percent. Although it is still at a discount of about 13 percent from the record high. Last year on 27 December 2021, it reached a record high of Rs 487.

Details about La Opala RG

La Opala RG is a giant in the tableware industry. It manufactures all types of glass and glass products. It manufactures and sells products such as Opal Floral, Banded, Celebration, Melody, Temptation, Bowls, Ashtrays and Beermugs i.e. it sells everything for the dining table. Its products are also sold outside the country. Talking about the financial health of the company, on a quarterly basis in July-September 2022, revenue increased from Rs 82.15 crore to Rs 134.92 crore and net profit jumped from Rs 20.08 crore to Rs 39.07 crore.


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