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A revolutionary course to make you an expert in all dimensions of the Stock Market. The essence of all the research that has been done by StockPro-Team for years will be provided in this course. Highly experienced traders for the first time will come together to educate you in the stock market. This Course is going to be an eye-opener for Intraday and Positional Traders. Probably never heard in the Indian Stock Market training arena. This course is an exclusive work of the StockPro Research Team. The trades generated are highly accurate with small Stop-Loss and big targets. In this course, we only try to find out the institutional activity which cuts the noise and high Intraday fluctuations of Stocks, thereby resulting in Big Intraday Targets.

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This Course is going to be an eye-opener for Intraday and Positional Traders. Probably never heard in the Indian Stock Market training arena. This course is an exclusive work of the StockPro Research Team. The trades generated are highly accurate with small Stop-Loss and big targets. In this course, we only try to find out the institutional activity which cuts the noise and high Intraday fluctuations of Stocks, thereby resulting in Big Intraday Targets.

Salient Features of the Course:-

  • The course is designed for beginners, investors to advanced traders.
  • Teaching and investing ideas will be generated using free websites and other free platforms.
  • Access the online course from anywhere (Mobile, Desktop, and Laptop).
  • Worried about not learning the entire course contents within the training period? We have a solution for the same. You will get the recorded videos for the repeated references.
  • Separate session to clarify the doubts of the students.
  • LIVE TRADING SESSIONS/LIVE Stock Selection Classes to nurture students in Stock Market.
  • Clarification will be done through the Telegram discussion group during the training or in live classes or in discussion channels/forums.
  • Unique StockPro Technical Setup for Investors & traders.
  • A separate Telegram Channel for StockPro course members to get the daily Trade ideas directly from us.
  • You will be part of our special telegram group which is created only for the StockPro webinar members.
  • You will be part of the biggest trading community where you will be interacting with like-minded traders & investors.

Course Timeline:-

  • 10-12 Weeks Intense Live Classes.
  • Members will get atleast 20 LIVE Trading sessions with Mentors.
  • Classes in Flexible Timings after office hours & LIVE Trading/Stock Selection Classes in the early morning market session.
  • Learn Intraday Trading and Positional Trading in the same course.
  • You can repeat the course once for up to the next 6 months from the date of joining the course.
  • Free Customized Scanners (1 Click and you will be able to figure out potential breakout stocks).
  • Post Completion of the Classes, members will get LIVE trade selection classes with Mentor.
  • 6 Months LIVE Support.
  • Very active Smart Money Multiplier Course Forum for discussion with like-minded traders/investors.
  • Complimentary All-In-One Trading Course.
  • Complimentary Access to All 5 Premium/RockStar Groups.
  • Most suitable course for those who are aspiring to become professional traders or investors.
  • EMI option to pay the course Fee is also available via all major credit cards.


  • Access to All 5 Premium & RockStar Groups For the Next 6 Months will be provided to the members of the Master Trader Course.
  • StockPro RockStar Group (For early morning cash/equity Intraday Trading Ideas.)
  • Premium Group For Cash/Equity (For cash/equity Intraday Trading Ideas)
  • Premium Group for FnO (For Intraday Futures & Options Trading Ideas)
  • Premium Research Group (For Intraday & Positional Research Before Market Starts)
  • StockPro Pro-Investment Group (For Positional Trading Ideas for Delivery Trading- Hold for Few Days/Weeks/Months/Years).

Who Can Join Master Trading Course?

  • If you have at least 1:00 -1:30 Hour in the morning for LIVE Trading, You can master the technique and make consistent income.
  • If you want to be a successful Intraday or Positional Trader and Make a consistent income.
  • If you are a Stock Market Advisor and You have a good client base.
  • If you are a stockbroker & want to serve your clients.
  • Anyone and everyone can do it if they want to be a successful professional in the stock market.

Most of the strategies are backed by powerful screeners which will be provided to you during the course of this program.

What's included:

What this course includes (Course is divided into 6 Modules)- Estimated Duration 8 Weeks

Module (A):  Powerful Risk Management, Money Management, and Trade Management by MentorMr. Parag

  • Trading Psychology- Most Important Strategy than any other Strategy
  • Trading with Attitude & Mechanical way of Trading, Trading without Emotions
  • Risk Management & Trade Management

Module (B): Learn technical analysis and pre-requisites which will help to understand the rest of the modules and strategies by Mentor Mr. Pankaj Mittal

  • Learn to Draw Trendlines and channels
  • Understand Head and Shoulders, Inverse Head and shoulders, Cup and Handle Pattern, Triangle Patterns, etc
  • Break & Retest theory
  • Price Action Theory
  • Volume Spread Analysis (VSA), Identification of Reason behind fake breakouts and the liquidity trap
  • Identify Demand Zones- Supply Zones
  • Trend Reversal-Continuation, Balance-Imbalance
  • Volume Compression Method (VSM)
  • Set-Ups for Positional & Intraday 

Module (C): Special Intraday Scalping Method By Trainer & Mentor Mr. Yogesh BN.

  • 2-3 Special Candlestick Patterns 
  • Identify variable support & resistance for this particular strategy
  • How to use Fibonacci levels to identify Intraday stocks
  • Trading Set-Up for Intraday Scalping
  • Option Buying Set-Up to Trade in BankNifty & Nifty Options
  • LIVE trading and Stock Selection with Mentor Mr. Yogesh BN

Module(D): Options Writing/ Option Selling By Mr. ROSHAN

  • Basics of futures and options contracts
  • Learn Option Greeks Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma, and Rheo & Option Terminologies, ITM, ATM, OTM
  • Option Premium-Option Writing
  • Implied Volatility & Historical Volatility
  • Option Writing Strategies for Regular Monthly Return even without using complex Greek & other calculations
  • Options Trading- Unique Option strategies even with the non-directional view
  • Directional strategies (Bullish & Bearish)
  • Neutral Strategies
  • Fire Fighting strategies
  • Option Adjustment strategies
  • Money Management- Crux of Options.
  • Risk Management- Position Sizing for strategies, Money Management what not to do?
  • Adjusting Trade- How to adjust strategies to protect current profits?
  • How to adjust strategies to minimize loss, if Trade goes against us?
  • LIVE Options Strategy building classes

Module(E): Intraday & Positional Trading By Mr. PREM

  • Understanding of demand and supply for module strategies.
  • Price – Action (Understanding of the concept) for these strategies.OH Strategy, Supply, and Demand with OH Strategy.
  • Marubozu Strategy (Swing Trading Method) Supply and Demand with Marubozu Strategy.
  • Swing High / Swing Low (Trade) & Divergence
  • Without Volume Profile marking the levels. (Permanent Levels)
  • Price–Action (Unique Strategy) [with Light-Ray Strategy (Prem Ray)] - 1
  • Price-Action (Unique Strategy) [with Light-Ray Strategy (Prem Ray)] - 2
  • How to avoid False breakout, comparing Light-Ray with Price-Action of Retailers.
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Pitchfork, William Fractals, and William Crocodile strategy
  • Q&A

Module (F): Learn Powerful Pro-Intraday Technique to filter and Trade in Unidirectional Stocks By Dr. SEEMA JAIN
This technique is going to be an eye-opener for Intraday Traders. The technique to filter stocks is never heard in the Indian Stock Market training arena. The trades generated are highly accurate with small Stop-Losses and big targets. In this course, we only try to find out the institutional activity that cuts the noise and high Intraday fluctuations of Stocks, resulting in Big-Intraday- Targets.
Understand Pro-Intraday Trading Method 
We have a thoroughly researched screener that gives you potential stocks from 9:16 AM to 9:20 AM. These stocks have the capacity to run for the entire day. 
Understand Intraday Trading Method for Stock Selection Anytime of the day
Stock Reversal Strategies
Stock Specific Strategies
LIVE Trading/Stock Selection based on Pro-Intraday Technique

Once you enroll and pay the Fee for the Master Trader Course, Contact StockPro-Team at Whatsapp +91 9599634604 to get immediate access to the course or you can call up StockPro-Team on the same number


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17 reviews
P k thakur - 6 months before


Navneet Deshpande - 6 months before

I have joined stock pro about 4 months back and am about to complete the Master Trader Course with the STOCK PRO family. The course content is designed extremely well. The trainers are knowledgeable, committed, and dedicated to delivering this well-designed course content. There were many strategies that were new to me and now I practice in my trading. I feel that I can be an independent trader now after completing this course. The best part I liked was the strategies taught by Yogesh sir and Prem sir. Moreover, all the mentors are readily available to help you even during market hours too. The only thing which I think can be worked upon is to include the live trading sessions from every mentor should be done during the course. No mentor has conducted the live trading sessions which is a little disappointing.

Chandan Kumar Yadav - 6 months before

I have learn very good amount Technical Analysis and Trading psychology...... I think in my trading career it is very important to learn specially Trading psychology and Money Management.

R G YADAV - 6 months before

Trainers are Excellent Learnt new concepts Trading independently Trainers Mr.Yogesh, Mr.Pankaj & Mr.Prem are Excellent Special Thanks to Seema Madam for her passion.

Mr. Subhashish - 6 months before

The training program is not only good it's very informative for a beginner. My experience with this course : 1. I was following Stock Pro youtube channel and joined telegram channel and started getting interest in trading. 2. Joined Master trader course for something new...i always hear a term "Price Action"..thanks to Pankaj Sir for opening my eye with the term "Price Action". 3. Not only price action...all candle stick patterns is clear to me now. The significance of candles forming in the chart and how to pick them, where it is forming, why it is forming all explained properly. 4. All about F&O and long/short build up, long un winding, short covering is clearly explained. 5. How we can build different strategies with nifty and bank nifty are clearly explained. 6. all the mentors are so friendly that we can approach them every time when ever we need any help. I am able to identify stocks by my own now. Still learning as trading is not a static process. After going through the course with my small 4L capital i have made 85K avg. monthly profit in last 3 months. Still i am trying my best to improve my trading as well as profits. Big Big Big thanks to Stock Pro team.

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