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This Webinar Series is about to fine tune your Trading Psychology and It will be an eye opener for Trade Management & Risk Management. Everybody who is Trading in the Stock Market Must Know This Concept of Fearless/Emotionless Trading In the Stock Market.

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Why StockPro’s Risk & Trade Management Session…?

  • Are you Confused While Trading?
  • Are you driven by emotional biasing during your trades?
  • Are you a random trader ?
  • Are You Booking more losses?
  • Are You Booking Small Profits?
  • Are You Trading with No Logic?
  • Are You Getting confused what to do in market?
  • No accountability of Trading?
  • Incorrect Trade Execution?
  • Saying YES to every trade?
  • Catching Market all the time?
  • Jumping from one strategy to another.... then reap the benefits of constructive session on Risk Management.
What's included:

Topics to Be Covered…!!!


  • Risk Management Is the Fundamental Building Block of Any Strategy.
  • How can one become profitable.
  • Thumb rule- Relation between Risk & Loss and Trade Management & profit.
  • Building a perfect strategy.
  • What makes you Pro-Risk Management?
  • Management of Risk- Capacity of bearing a loss.
  • How to Become Smart- Ordinary to Pro-Trader.
  • Steps for Effective Trading.
  • Probability & Mathematics In Trading.
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