Trading is the art of taking the right entry with the right risk management and a well-balanced emotional quotient!!! We at StockPro have come up with a well-drafted and well-documented index trading course to make people fully independent traders in indices. Index trading is one of the finest and most simple ways (single chart-centric trading) to make consistent profits when we have trending as well as range-bound markets. We have devised well-backtested strategies for trending markets as well as range bound markets in terms of qualitative option scalping for quick profits as well as a peaceful way of generating consistent monthly income via hedged forms of strategies for index trading. Index Pro Course is well crafted to master the craft of trading. It's apt for everyone, from option buyer to option seller, option scalper to hedging method of trading. Hence, Index Pro Course [IPC] is your final destination to master the art of trading. Now a days, it's not the degree that counts but the skill set you own! Come join us to fine-tune your skill and emotional quotient (EQ) to make consistent profits in the index with well-tested strategies taught via qualitative mentorship. Learn well and become an inspiration amongst your friends and family members to make them feel that financial freedom is achievable with patience and perseverance!


Who can enroll in the course?

  • If you have at least 1:00–1:30 hours in the morning for live trading, you can enroll in the course and master the technique to make consistent income
  • If you want to become a successful intraday trader or scalper
  • If you want to master the art of trading in Nifty, Banknifty and Finnifty
  • If you want to master Hedging, Contra-Trade and Options Selling
  • If you are a stock market advisor and you have a good client base and want to serve your clients
  • If you are a stock broker and want to serve your clients
  • Anyone and everyone can do it if they want to be successful and professional traders in the stock market

Meet The Chief Mentor

Dr Seema Jain
PhD IIT Delhi (SEBI Registered Research Analyst)
  • Dr Jain Is an active trader and investor in the stock market.
  • Dr Jain is dedicated to research and analysis of stocks for the past 20 years.
  • She is extremely passionate to educate about investing in the stock market correctly.
  • She is hard core educationist, trainer and Life coach.
  • Dr. Seema Jain is amongst the very few women traders who are SEBI Registered and Research Analyst in stock market.
  • Her forte is to find out stocks which are in their initial stages and are hidden from public eye and are ready to become mutlibagger.
  • For example; ATGL (recommended a buy at 390), AAVAS Finance(buy recommeded at 650), EMAMIPAP, TATA ELEXI ( buy recommended at 1900) are some of the recent multibagger stocks which have given huge return over the period of time.
  • Dr. Seema Jain also successfully runs an educational YouTube channel, where she has created more than 1000 plus free educational videos on the stock market.
  • Dr. Jain has also published 10000+ research reports on stock markets.
  • Dr. Jain is also the founder and chief mentor at Stock Pro, India's one of the prominent stock market online training institutes.





In Indices you have good volumes, good participation and good volatility In Intraday as well as in larger timeframes. Another benefit of trading in indices is that we can deploy small capital as the lot size is very small compare to stocks. At the same time you must remember that to be a successful trader in index we have to be highly skilled. We should come equipped with proper tools to be able to decipher the trend. This requires in-depth understanding of international markets (American, European and Asian Markets), various commodities like crude, gold; dollar index & bond yield, and correlation of these with Indian Stock Market.

Along with it you should also understand whether the market is BUY on dip or SELL on rise. You should have dynamic and static support and resistance levels which work beautifully in LIVE Markets.

Learn all of it with our seasoned mentors who have been generating consistent profits for many years.

Salient Features of the Course
  • The course is designed for beginners, investors to advanced traders.
  • Teaching and investing ideas will be generated using free websites and other free platforms.
  • Access the online course from anywhere (Mobile, Desktop, and Laptop).
  • Worried about not learning the entire course contents within the training period? We have a solution for the same. You will get the recorded videos for the repeated references.
  • Separate session to clarify the doubts of the students.
  • LIVE TRADING SESSIONS to nurture students in LIVE Market.
  • Clarification will be done through the Telegram discussion group during the training or in live classes or in discussion channels/forums.
  • Unique StockPro Technical Setup for traders.
  • A separate Telegram Channel for StockPro course members to get the daily research directly from us.
  • You will be part of our special telegram group which is created only for the StockPro Pure Index Trading Course members.
  • You will be part of the biggest trading community where you will be interacting with like-minded traders & investors.
Course Timeline
  • 5 Dedicated trainers and mentors for this particular course.
  • 6 Weeks Intense Live Classes
  • LIVE Trading mentorship for 4 months.
  • Classes in Flexible Timings after office hours.
  • Even if you miss a LIVE class, you will get its recording uploaded to your account on StockPro's website
  • Course is designed for all phases of Traders who wants to learn Intraday index options.
  • Powerful Risk Management, Money Management, Trade Management lessons.
  • 6 Months of Live Support.
  • Members Will Be Part Of StockPro's Pure Index Trader Forum.
  • EMI Option is also available to pay the course fee through all major credit cards.
  • Certificate post completion of your course will be provided.

What's included?

What this course includes (Course is divided into 5 modules)- Estimated Duration 6 weekss

Module (A):
Learn the technical analysis and pre-requisites which will help to understand the rest of the modules and strategies

Mentor Mr. Panaj Mittal

  • Market Structure
  • Index & Components
  • Weightage Tracking In Index
  • Candlesticks & Time Frames
  • Candlesticks- Types & Patterns
  • Demand/Support & Supply/Resistance
  • Relation OF Future & Option Chart
  • Trendlines & Chart Patterns
  • Breakout & Retest/Pullback
  • Role OF Volumes
  • Liquidity Trap
  • Importance of origin of momentum
  • Reversal Identification in Index
  • Strategy For Index
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
Module (B):
Options Writing/ Option Selling

Mentor Mr. Roshan Meshram.

  • What are the derivatives? -1
  • Why to trade in derivatives?
  • Moneyness of options. - 1
  • Components of option premium
  • Option chain and PCR -3
  • Options Strategies
  • BULL-CE and BEAR-PE -1
  • CE-BACK and PE-BACK ratio spread (Momentum Spread)
  • NIFTY and BANKNIFTY option selling (Intraday & Positional) -3
  • BANKNIFTY intraday option buying strategies -1
Module (C):
Special Intraday Scalping Technique & Swing Trading Methods in Nifty, BankNifty & Finnifty

Mentor Mr. Yogesh BN.

  • 2-3 Special Candlestick Patterns.
  • How to identify static & variable support & resistances for Intraday trading strategy.
  • How to use fibonacci levels to identify Intraday Stocks.
  • Investment strategy
  • Trading set-up for Intraday options scalping.
  • Universal set-up to trade in currency & commodity market.
  • Special set-up to trade in Nifty & BankNifty.
  • Special Set-Up to filter Swing Trades in Nifty, BankNifty & Finnifty
  • LIVE Trading & Trade selection with Mentor Mr. Yogesh BN
Module (D):
Hedging & Contra-Trade

Mentor Mr. NagaPrasad MU

  • About Market & Money Flow
  • Option-chain of Nifty & BankNifty
  • About PCR & finding the long or short-term Movement In Nifty & BankNifty
  • How to read the PCR data & predict the intraday Movement.
  • How to read the FII data & Predict the Movement.
  • Chart setting with Indicator & How to trade based on the Indicator setting.
  • How to find the range of the Market Weekly, Monthly & Yearly in Nifty & BankNifty.
  • Intraday setup Nifty & BankNifty in tradingview
  • How to find the market movement based on VIX
  • Expriy special setup in Nifty, BankNifty & Fin Nifty.
  • Hedging Strategy for only Nifty & BankNifty
    • SPFOHSM 1
    • SPFOHSM 2
    • SPOHN
    • SPHBN
    • SPN930215
    • SPBN930215
Module (E):
Learn Special StockPro Techniques to Trade in Nifty, BankNifty & FinNifty

Mentor Dr Seema Jain

Intraday Trading Techniques:-
Gann Technique

To maximize your profitability, it's essential to identify the best entry and exit points of a trade. Additionally, it's important to use stop loss and trailing stop loss appropriately to protect your trades. Gann method can also be used to ensure that profit booking occurs at the right time. By understanding the trends of markets and identifying intraday trend reversals using suitable techniques, you'll be well-placed for success in trading.

Interpretation of Open Interest [OI] Data

The interpretation of Open Interest (OI) Data is an important aspect of analyzing the futures market. By using OI data, traders can identify intraday future trends and reversals in advance, as well as signals for breakouts. Additionally, it's possible to recognize and avoid high-risk trades that may lead to losses. Furthermore, important support/resistance levels and potential reversal points can be identified from evaluating OI data. Finally, traders can use OI data to filter trades that have higher chances of achieving a big profit.

Swing Trading Technique:-

Momentum indicator [RSI] can be used to identify and accurately predict large, trending moves in the market. This technique can also provide reliable buy-on-dip signals during uptrends and sell-on-rally signals during downtrends. Additionally, RSI study helps identify compatible target objectives for each delivery move. Most importantly, it ensures your entry is never exposed to the wrong direction.

Time cycle study

Understanding the principles of delivery trading is key to increasing profitability. In this course, you'll learn practical techniques for identifying confirm delivery trades near every time cycle day. This can help you multiply your earnings with pinpoint accuracy around each time cycle day.

You'll also go in depth on trend reversals or continuation patterns and buy-on-dip & sell-on-rally signals that could lead to large returns for those familiar with the process. Furthermore, you'll discover how to take the earliest entry on a delivery trade with time cycle study—a critical skill for boosting your overall profit percentage. All of these skills come together in a practical session devoted entirely to Time Cycle study.

Learn to Identify Breakout Trades

Course is designed to teach traders how to capture intraday gains in the market. We will cover a range of breakout techniques that can be used to successfully identify buy and sell signals, allowing users to take advantage of these opportunities with an optimal outcome. Get ready to learn strategies that provide the potential for substantial returns.

Live Market Sessions

Practicing these techniques in the live market is essential for success. By taking part in LIVE Market Sessions, members will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in executing successful trades on our virtual trading platforms. In addition, members will learn how to find advantageous entry and exit points in the market.

Once you enroll and pay the Fee for the Master Trader Course, Contact StockPro-Team at Whatsapp +91 9599634604 to get immediate access to the course or you can call up StockPro-Team on the same number


Our Students Feedbacks

NJN.K. Jain

It was just awesome attending the training session by StockPro. Thanks to Seema Ma'am for facilitating the unique kind of program.

RRRaju Ram

Really good positive experience so far with the registration process and your support teams. Eagerly looking forward to the start of the Jul 22 batch and interacting with Dr Seema and the mentors. :)

SSShekhar sharma

A Stock pro team is very dedicated in providing knowledge. It is a only place where we can received a support for whole year. I am now very confident in selecting stock. Know the stop loss. Able to maintain good risk & reward. I really salute to complete team for their hard work, dedication, knowledge, experience etc.

AMAnkur Maheshwari

Hi, thanks for this course. After attending this now I am able to understand Candle sticks and supports on charts. But in this, option trading is not that efficient. Mentors are good. I would like to continue this one more time for better understanding.

SSSakib Shaikh

That's a good course. And the trainers are also very good especially Pankaj sir he taught us how to read the chart without any indicator full price action. The setup of StockPro is also very good, we can easily find good stock for trading through the setup.

CKChandan Kumar Yadav

I have learn very good amount Technical Analysis and Trading psychology...... I think in my trading career it is very important to learn specially Trading psychology and Money Management.


Trainers are Excellent Learnt new concepts Trading independently Trainers Mr.Yogesh, Mr.Pankaj & Mr.Prem are Excellent Special Thanks to Seema Madam for her passion.

PMPiyush Mani Tripathi

I am very happy to be part of stockpro family,,the mentors are erudite,,,when I started the course i was not having any knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis but now I am very confident and confidentially day that by the guidance I became a independent trader.. Thank you for such an amazing program..

MSMeghraj Sanjay Ahire

I am glad to say that I am really happy to having stockpro family , our mentors are really good , they push me to be an independent trader, and am happy to say that I am now independent trader that's all because of stock pro .,

GWGagandeep Wason

I really like this course as it's a complete package of multiple strategies to make you a master trader in stock market. Mentors are really awesome. They helped to learn from basic. There techniques are really amazed me to understand the whole market scenario. I think now I just have to focus on one strategies and start trading on that with minimum capital. Thanks to stock pro team for providing us a great platform to learn the stock market.


When I started course I was not having any stock market knowledge and nothing about technical analysis, functional analysis. Then started learning concepts with help of trainers and who are responsible and well trained to teaching. Now I am very much confident about trading because I learned very interesting techniques and gained most important thing is knowledge. In this course I have seen many techniques and I like all classes out of them I liked Risk Management , Money Management classes.

RSRajendrakumar Suresh

All trainer were having best knowledge about their subjects.teaching methods were top class.some how I was not able to understand in “future and options”but what I learned from institute is amezing. I thanks all the trainer for giving in depth knowledge and strategies.As regards understanding of option chain.I will repeat all videos again. Thanks again for teaching us awesome techniques.making us independent.

PCPawan Chauhan

The trading strategies are really very helpful in my own evaluation of stocks in my portfolio. It has also strengthened my knowledge of charts and now I've recognized some of my weak areas in my trading know-how. A lot of examples will clarify different types of situations. Thanks a lot to Ms. Seema Jain, Pankaj Mittal, Yogesh Sir, Parag Sir, Pravina Vala, Roshan Sir & others Mentor's for this excellent course!

MAMahtab alam

awesome course after this course you have lot of knowledge and more confidents about your trade with good psychology. sorry if I m typing anything wrong because I am Hindi medium student. Thank you all of stockpro mentors are awesome.

SRSantosh Rajendra sha

All the trainers were too good in their skills and i m very thankful to them that they have taught us and made us to move in direction of independent trader. This was my first mentorship course and also my first trading journey from here, so all teachings were new for me. All mentors are good no doubt but i liked most to trade in pankaj sir screeners and 3 min strategy and yogesh sir strategy..this is my personal trading choice i love to trade in this. Thankyou all


A big thanks to stock pro team , especially Seema mam for providing such a nice plateform for people like me who are totally novice in stock market . Trainers are superb few unique techniques taught by Mr. Prem , mr. Yogesh , Mr. Pankaj, Mr. Roshan , Mr. Prag. Before joining this course I had never imagined of doing intraday . For Being an independent trader I think I still have to learn a lot more. Whenever one need ,alll stock pro team is just a message away . I felt much more confident after Seema madam's classes , This course is must if someone wants to start trading .

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