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Commodity Pure Profit Course

A course to make you an expert in commodity market. It will make you an expert in both Intraday as well as Positional Trading. Hence after consistent practice you will be able to generate a consistent income for the rest of your life. This course starts from beginner level and takes you to a professional level trader. It requires a lot of nurturing and hand-holding, Hence after completion of intense 3-4 Weeks of training, you will be given 1-2 Live Classes for next 3 months to explain you all the finer nuances of Commodity Market.

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Salient Features of StockPro Commodity Pure Profit Course

This course will be taught from beginners to advance level traders and investors for consistent income.
Even if you will miss a LIIVE class, you will get the recordings of the same classes videos to watch them with your convenience. There will 3-4 week intense training, after that there will be 1 class per week for next 3 months. There will be a dedicated private group where all like minded traders can interact with each other. 

What This Course Includes...

  • 3-4 Weeks Intense Live Classes (Even If you miss a class you will get it's recorded video, will be uploaded on StockPro's Website)
  • Post Completion Of The Classes, We will have 1-2 class every week up-to next 3 Months.
  • 6 Months Live Support
  • You Can Repeat The Course Up-To Next 6 months.
  • Members Will Be Part Of StockPro's Commodity Forum for 6 months.
  • Commodity(MCX) Research Calls For Members For 6 Months.
  • You will be the part of our special telegram group which is created only for the StockPro webinar members. You will be the part of biggest trading community where you will be interacting with like-minded traders & investors.
  • Free Commodity Trading Ideas for the course members in their discussion group.
What's included:

What This Course Includes (Course Is Divided In Three Parts)-


Part A- Fundamental Analysis Of Commodity Trading:

  • Understanding of Commodity Market in India
  • Commodity Cycle
  • Factors affecting on Commodity Market
  • Scope of Futures Trading in Commodity.
  • Spot Vs Forward Transactions
  • Participants of Commodity Market….Hedger, Speculators, Arbitragers
  • Contract Specification
  • Introduction to Derivative (Future Contract/Option Contracts)
  • Tracking the Inventory Of Varies Commodities
  • Events that matter- import export data, trade deficit, interest rates, inflation, CPI & GDP etc...
  • Detailed analysis of Trading in Gold, Silver, Copper, CRUDE, Aluminum, Led, Nickel, Cardamom, Mentha Oil & Natural Gas etc.


Part B- Technical Analysis Of Commodity Trading:

  • Introduction to All Commodity Market & MCX
  • Understanding of Commodity Market in India
  • Understand Secrets of Candlestick Patterns for Commodity Trading
  • Important Graph Patterns for Commodity Trading
  • Support & Resistance from Historical Data
  • Important Websites for Charting
  • Types of Orders & Brokerages
  • Technical Analysis in details for Commodity Trading.
  • Hedging
  • Entry, Exit, and Profit-Booking.
  • Risk Management & Management Classes For Commodity


Part C- Unique StockPro Set-Ups For Commodity Trading (Intraday & Positional):

  • Unique StockPro Set-Up 1 for Positional Trading In Commodity.
  • Unique StockPro Set-Up 2 for Intraday Trading In Commodity.
  • Unique StockPro Set-Up 3 for Intraday Trading In Commodity.
  • Unique StockPro Set-Up 4 for Intraday Trading In Commodity
  • Unique StockPro Set-Up 5 for Intraday Trading In Crude Oil

Once you enroll and pay the Fee for Commodity Pure Profit Course, Please contact StockPro-Team at Whatsapp +91 9599634604 to get immediate access of the course or you can call up StockPro-Team on same number.


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2 reviews
Pradeep Pisal - 3 years before

Excellent.. !!

JOY THOMAS CHIRAYATH - 4 years before

All videos are playing in small screen. We cannot maximise the screen. Please look into this. Before it was working perfect.

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